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Must Knows6 Best Tips on How to Choose Carpet Color for Your Home

6 Best Tips on How to Choose Carpet Color for Your Home

Your home’s interior is one of the best ways to express your personality and aesthetic sense. One aspect of a room that’s often underutilized is the floor, but it can be a great way to add some of yourself to the room, especially if you have a suitable carpet.

When choosing a carpet, you must consider many factors—material, style, pattern, and quality. Additionally, the color of your carpet should contribute to the theme and atmosphere of the room.

This guide goes over tips you should consider to help you find the perfect color before you head to the carpet showroom.

6 Best Tips on How to Choose Carpet Color for Your Home


The perfect carpet for your home complements your furniture and walls and balances functionality and aesthetics. A carpet’s primary function is to make your floor more comfortable to walk or relax on, but its color can transform a room’s ambiance.

1. Consider the purpose of the room

A room’s purpose should affect the color choice of the carpet. Understanding how color affects mood is important to achieve the right look for your home.

When selecting colors for your home, it’s worth considering color psychology, as certain shades can evoke specific emotions or moods. For instance, a bedroom may benefit from muted colors to promote relaxation and sleep, while a living room could be enhanced by vibrant colors to create a lively atmosphere when entertaining guests.

For bedrooms, consider using soft or neutral colors like grey or light blue to promote relaxation. For dining and living rooms, choose warmer hues like yellows and reds to stimulate conversation and appetite.

2. Look at the room’s lighting

It’s vital to think about how much natural or artificial light is present in your space because it impacts the color of your carpet. For example, natural light can make colors appear brighter and more saturated, while artificial light can cast a yellow or blue tint.

A room with natural light will feel open and airy when paired with lighter colors. Artificial lights give off various colors, so the carpet should match them. Try warm colors for incandescent lighting or cooler colors for fluorescent lighting. For dimly lit rooms, brighter colors can lighten up the space.

3. Incorporate the existing color scheme

Your room’s existing furniture, wall color, and décor can and should dictate your carpet color choice. You can choose a carpet that complements or contrasts the room’s color palette. 

Neutral or monochromatic rooms can benefit from a bold or patterned carpet to contrast. Vibrantly colored rooms can use a complementary, neutral-colored carpet to balance out the space.

4. Think about the foot traffic

Carpet flooring with darker colors can help hide the wear and tear frequent in high-traffic areas like hallways or common rooms. Low-traffic areas like bedrooms can use lighter colors and softer textures as they require less maintenance.

5. Evaluate your plans

If you’re planning to sell your house because it isn’t your forever home yet, consider choosing a carpet color that won’t impact the long-term value of your home. For example, a trendy carpet color may be in style now but might damage your resell chances once the fad disappears.

If you want something more timeless, stick with neutral or classic colors like beige or cream.

6. Prioritize personal style

Your opinion is the most important factor when choosing a carpet color. You should disregard other tips if you find a carpet you love, even if it doesn’t necessarily follow stylistic guides.

FAQs about Choosing the Right Carpet Colors


Even with all these tips, there can still be some trepidation or concerns in choosing the right carpet colors. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to assist you in your search:

1. Should a carpet be darker or lighter than the walls?

There are no strict rules for tone-matching, but most carpets are two or more tones darker than the wall color. However, if you have dark walls, you can do the opposite and have a lighter carpet.

2. Is there a carpet color that goes with everything?

Neutral-colored carpets, such as beige, ivory, taupe, black, gray, and cream, are perfect for any interior. While it’s a common misconception that a neutral carpet is always understated, the pattern can make a loud piece that still goes with most palettes.

3. What is the most versatile carpet color?

Beige is a neutral color that matches various palettes but can also be warm or cool, depending on the shading. Beige carpets are timeless, and you’ll find them in historical houses and modern apartments.

4. Which carpet colors can make a room look bigger?

Light colors, particularly cool or earth tones, are best for smaller spaces. A carpet that reflects light can help make a room feel less cramped. 

5. What specific carpet colors are better for pets or children?

Dark carpets are more pet and child friendly, as these colors can help hide any stains they may produce. Conversely, young children enjoy bright colors more because their eyes have yet to develop fully. A brightly colored carpet in a child’s room and darker carpets outside may be ideal.

Stepping on Style


Your carpet’s color is one of the most significant elements in your home. It can completely change the look and feel of a room, and it can even affect your mood. Just remember to keep form and function in mind as you search. Soon, you’ll live in an atmosphere just right for you. 

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Gavin Ong is the current Marketing Manager for Eurobel Rugs + Carpets, the largest premium area rug brand in the Philippines. Eurobel’s sister company, Carpetworld, specializes in area rug distribution, which has over 50 consignment branches nationwide. He and the company also have great relations with multiple high-profile European manufacturers. Both brands', Carpetworld and Eurobel Rugs + Carpets, area rugs have also been used in multiple designer homes and commercial areas.

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