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Must KnowsHow to Choose the Best Carpet for Your Home

How to Choose the Best Carpet for Your Home

It’s no surprise that carpets are one of the most versatile and decorative pieces you can put in your home. They are a great way to give your room identity and tell others about your personality. 


Some even say that rugs are like paintings you put on the floor because there are different types of mediums and styles. 


Rugs hold up to your lifestyle. Do I have children and pets? Where do I want to put my rug? Is it going to be in a high-traffic area like a living room or playroom or a mellow area like the bedroom? What activities will other people and I do in these areas? Consider these things when choosing the suitable material, design, style, and rug size.




There are two main types of carpets: natural-made and synthetic yarn. Each has advantages and disadvantages, but if you care more about practicality, synthetic-made materials like polypropylene, polyester, and nylon are the way to go.




There’s no black-and-white playbook for choosing the right design because every person has a different style. But here are some considerations when selecting a color, especially when we don’t have the input of an architect or interior designer.


The safest colors are earth tone colors, otherwise known as neutral colors. 

Earth-tone colors contain some shades and a mix of brown, gray, green, and blue, which are muted and flat in the emulation of natural dyes. They are the safest colors because, like denim jeans, area rugs in neutral colors can easily be paired with most furniture and decor. 


The rug’s color will depend on the furniture, decor, and accessories.

The secret to choosing the appropriate color is determining which is/  are your primary piece/s of furniture. If you like a rug with an elaborate design, pair the colors of the rug with your secondary and tertiary colors of the interior. The secondary color of the rug should match your sofa, bed, or dining room table, while the tertiary color to the other side elements. On the other hand, plain rugs are better suited for furniture with more patterns.


Consider the overall interior theme of your space.

Modern, contemporary, Filipino, industrial, mid-century modern, minimalism, rustic, Scandinavian, shabby chic, transitional, and tropical are some of the Philippines’ most popular interior design styles. You can narrow your area rug design options if you know your theme.




After choosing the design, the next is the size. It’s good to remember that area rugs define the space they will be in. They tie furniture and other pieces together, forming a holistic interior experience. 


Living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms are shared spaces for people to put area rugs in homes. Before scouting, you’ll need to do a little homework, starting with measuring the area where you’ll place your rug. You might want to select a range of sizes. You may also ask for help from your favorite rug specialist to provide a more expert opinion on the size. 


How to choose the best carpet for your home


The perfect rug is not just a rug—it is a piece of art that gives your home that extra kick to perfection. So it is unsurprising that almost every house you enter has at least one rug. However, choosing the right one can be a chore. That’s why it’s essential to consider factors such as material, design, style, and size. 




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