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Trends & Style5 Best Neutral Area Rug Colors and their Benefits
room with couch, window

5 Best Neutral Area Rug Colors and their Benefits

Neutral colors are anything considered muted without much intensity or saturation. These shades aren’t extremely vibrant, but they’re not too dull either. They can be used to bring calmness to your home, as well as to add structure to your space.

The most prominent neutral colors used are black, cream, brown, and gray. These hues are known for their calming vibe, making them popular among minimalists. While some may view these color palettes as plain, neutral rug colors are highly sought-after for their versatility compared to their flashier counterparts.

Let this article help you learn about neutral area rug colors and ways to utilize them in your living room space.

Benefits of Neutral Rug Colors

room with couch, window

Charlotte 730A-R, A26 as seen in Arch. John Paolo Tolosa

As mentioned, area rugs with neutral colors are a popular choice if you’re looking for a flexible piece that compliments your room and its décor. That said, there are more benefits to purchasing a color-neutral rug for your living room than aesthetics alone. Here are some of the most significant advantages of having area rugs with neutral colors.

• A stunning focal point

Neutral rug colors are the perfect centerpiece if you want your space to have a more cohesive look. They’re the ideal foundational décor that prevents your room from looking too busy while accentuating the features you want to showcase. 

• Visually relaxing

Due to having little to no saturation, neutral rug colors easily complement your living room’s aesthetic and décor without taking all the attention. Furthermore, area rugs with neutral colors radiate a cozy feel that helps your space feel more relaxed.

• An all-around decorative item

Say you’re looking for the perfect item to complement your furniture or room design, but there are too many things to consider. In that case, a neutral-colored area rug is what you’re looking for. Neutral rug colors rarely, if ever, clash with other colors or designs, making it far easier for you to center your pieces and design choices around them.

• Effective floor protection

Your floors are prone to scratches if you always rearrange your furniture without a protective covering. Fortunately, area rugs are made from materials with shock-absorbent properties. providing extra protection to your flooring without sacrificing your living room’s aesthetic.

• A room insulator

Neutral-colored area rugs aren’t just beautiful to look at, they’re also practical. They insulate heat, which helps keep your floor warm in the colder seasons and cool during summer. 

5 Best Neutral Area Rug Colors for Living Room

The best neutral area rug colors are versatile and seamlessly complement any room style and décor around them. That said, some colors fit more with your space than others, depending on the look you envision and the decorative pieces you’ll use. Let’s discuss some of the best neutral area rug colors for your living room.

1. Gray neutral area rugs

couch with rugs, christmas tree, windows, table

Featured Rug: Softness A313-R, G201

Gray is one of the most popular options when choosing neutral area rug colors because it potentially fits with everything. A color with a calm and composed tone, gray neutral area rugs give your space a sophisticated look when blended. 


Gray colors are typically darker, so if you want a cleaner and more deliberate look, choose a lighter shade of this neutral hue.

2. Ivory neutral area rugs

living room area with windows, table, rug

Tabriz IS-006-S, Ivory Pastel as seen in Interiors by Mau

For brightening up your living room, you may want to consider ivory area rugs. Ivory-colored rugs naturally reflect light, which makes them perfect if you have a living room with dark-colored walls. 

Furthermore, the neutral color’s tendency to reflect light maximizes all light sources, making your space look bigger and giving it a more airy feel. 

3. Golden neutral area rug

living room area with rug, curtains, table

Softness A666-R, T905 as seen in IDr. Danela Tenorio

Living rooms rich with saturated colors benefit from a golden neutral area rug. While golden rugs are brighter than other colors discussed, they’re dark enough to maintain a neutral hue and bright enough to make darker designs and pieces stand out. This neutral area rug color enhances your décor.

4. Black neutral area rugs

living room area with plants, table, couch, chair

F-Nature 4083-BL-R, Grey 17 as seen in LLG Architects

Black is a classic neutral color that makes a space shine without taking up too much attention. Through their contrast in color, black area rugs are an excellent accent when paired with white walls as they help draw people in like a focal point of the space. Dark-colored rugs also conceal dirt and stains better than light ones, making them ideal for high-traffic areas.

5. Beige neutral area rugs

living room area with rug, windows, couch

Cyrus 717A-R, F18 as seen in Arch. Angelique Jose

Some may refer to this neutral color as “old-fashioned,” but beige is more timeless than outdated. Revered for their elegance and traditional style, beige area rugs are a perfect accent piece for most furniture designs. This color works best when you style it with bright contrasting colors, bringing life to your living room without being overtly bold.

A Sophisticated Shade of Neutral

Neutral-colored area rugs are excellent when you want to incorporate something that gives your living room an elegant but subdued touch. While some may think these colors are too plain or dark, it’s one of the most reliable and versatile pieces you can buy. 

Furthermore, these color tones are vast and varied enough to provide a fantastic collection of options that fit any aesthetic and décoration. We hope you refer to these tips as you transform your living room into your ideal neutral-colored space.

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