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Tabriz IS-006-S, Beige


Tabriz IS-006-S, Beige

SKU: Tabriz IS-006-S, Beige

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The Tabriz Collection boasts of intricate designs with 3 million design points per square meter.   This precise pencil point definition for finite detail showcase the compelling sophistication of the collection with a combination of clarity and definition.

Unbelievably super soft and very dense, our Tabriz collection rugs are heirloom quality made of 100% Bamboo Silk.

The wide variety of premium oriental inspired designs and rich colors make this collection timeless and elegant in any room feature.


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Available Sizes

150 X 220 cm – 5'0" X 7'2", 200 X 300 cm – 6'6" X 9'9", 240 X 340 cm – 7'9" X 11'2", 300 X 400 cm – 9'9" X 13'1"

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