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Pepper 63719-S, 792


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  • Pepper 63719-E
  • Pepper 63719-E

Pepper 63719-S, 792

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Product Information

The Pepper Collection boasts an unparalleled softness and subtle velvety sheen, thanks to its 100% polyester microfiber pile. The collection features exciting, modern, and ethnic-inspired designs that blend perfectly with warm trend and right color mixes, adding a touch of elegance to any décor.

These rugs are crafted to be durable and non-shedding, ensuring long-lasting comfort and easy maintenance. Whether used in high-traffic areas or as a cozy addition to a bedroom or living space, the Pepper Collection’s softness and durability make it a perfect choice for any home.

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Available Sizes

160 X 230 cm – 5'3" X 7'6", 200 X 290 cm – 6'6" X 9'5"

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