F-Rainbow 8217-BL-R, 014

F-Rainbow 8217-BL-R, 014

SKU: F-Rainbow 8217-BL-R, 014



Color: 014

The very versatile and popular Nature Rainbow Collection is a flat weave design that enhances both your indoor and outdoor space.  It is made with 100% polypropylene Stainsafe® that looks so natural and sophisticated. It’s flexible, weather safe, durable, suitable for allergic persons, very easy to clean and non-shedding.

Capturing the mesmerizing ability of the natural world to create beautiful colour combinations, Nature Rainbow brings you closer to nature with a carpet for indoors and out. From the colourful mountains of Salta and Cusco to the rainbow landscape of Danxia, Red rocks of Atacama and the pine of cedar, Nature Rainbow’s pattern make any home a more colourful place to be.

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150 X 220 cm – 5'0" X 7'2", 190 X 280 cm – 6'2" X 9'2", 230 X 330 cm – 7'6" X 10'9", 270 X 390 cm – 8'9" X 12'8", 310 X 450 cm – 10'2" X 14'5", 390 X 570 cm – 12'8" X 18'7"

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