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Contour 73159-E, 672
  • Contour 73159-E
  • Contour 73159-E
  • Contour 73159-E

Contour 73159-E, 672

SKU: Contour 73159-E, 672
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The Contour Collection’s luxurious high-low pile boasts a distinct and sophisticated appearance achieved through the fusion of three different yarn types. The combination yields a high-end 3D-relief effect, complemented by a refined velvety sheen. Each pattern in the collection was thoughtfully crafted to showcase intricate contours and stunning outlines. The soft, rich neutral tones ensure a seamless integration with any interior décor, elevating every living space with elegance and grandeur.

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160 X 230 cm – 5'3" X 7'6"

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