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Must KnowsRug vs Carpet: What’s the Difference?

Rug vs Carpet: What’s the Difference?

People looking to design their interiors have two primary floor-covering choices: rugs and carpets. However, it’s tricky to determine their differences, given that people commonly use the terms interchangeably.

The rug vs carpet confusion is long-standing since both functionally serve almost the same purpose. However, these floor coverings have fundamental differences, including size, purpose, and other pertinent factors, that could impact your interior’s vibe and comfort. This article will discuss a few of them in more detail.

What is the Difference between Rug and Carpet?

In a nutshell, a rug is moveable and only partially covers a room, while a carpet is affixed to the floor and typically spans the entire area wall-to-wall. Let’s delve deeper into some factors differentiating the two.




Small, covers small areas Large, covers floors wall-to-wall


Depends on size, material, quality, and production type.

Depends on size, material, quality, and production type




Cleaning & Maintenance

Easy to clean

Requires specialized tools/professional services

Design Versatile

Difficult to remove, may clash with the interior 

• Size

Carpets typically cover entire floors, which means they come in large sizes. Meanwhile, since rugs only cover limited areas, they’re significantly smaller, with sizes starting at around 160 x 230 cm. Larger ones, called area rugs, are more oversized and closer to carpets’ size—but moveable. Consider visiting a rug and carpet showroom to get an idea of what size you need.

• Pricing

Carpet and rug prices generally depend on various factors, such as size, material, and quality, so there’s no telling how much their prices differ precisely. That said, wall-to-wall carpets are typically costlier than rugs due to their size, but they’re often more durable and longer lasting.

• Attachment

Glue, cement, or tacking hold carpets to the floor to avoid unwanted movement. This feature prevents slipping, making them ideal for homes with older people and children. On the other hand, rugs are moveable and generally portable, so they’re suitable for spaces frequently undergoing layout or interior design changes.

• Cleaning and maintenance

Since wall-to-wall carpets are extensive and require significant removal effort, cleaning them is usually time-consuming. In contrast, rugs’ size and portability make them easier to maintain regularly. You could even throw smaller rugs into a washer for effortless cleaning.

• Design

While carpets and rugs may share similar colors and patterns, the latter is more versatile in matching your interior. You can easily switch rugs depending on your room’s color scheme and style without worrying about clashing designs. Meanwhile, matching a carpet with your interior may be challenging since it’s fixed to the floor. 

Rug vs Carpet FAQs

Are you still trying to decide between the two? Here are a few burning questions to help you find the perfect carpet or area rugs on sale to elevate your interior.

• Can you use a rug instead of a carpet?

Yes, especially if you don’t have the time or resources for carpet maintenance. Rugs are more convenient, as they’re easier to clean and better to place if you only need something to cover a specific floor area.

• Which is bigger, rug or carpet?

Wall-to-wall carpets cover the entire floor, sometimes even spanning multiple rooms. However, if you need to cover a wide area while leaving room for your flooring to show, it’s better to choose an area rug over a carpet. 

• What are the benefits of a rug?

Rugs are moveable, so you can easily reposition and replace them, making them easy to clean without fuss. Likewise, rugs are perfect if you only want to cover a specific portion of your floor.

• How often should you clean a rug?

You should clean rugs at least once a year, depending on their use, type, material, and exposure to elements. Fortunately, their size is easier to manage, so you may clean them as often as needed.

• What type of carpet lasts the longest?

Carpets made of synthetic fibers, such as polypropylene and polyester, are more durable, stain-resistant, and longer-lasting than natural ones. They’re the material of choice for areas with pets, children, and heavy foot traffic, and you could even place them outdoors without worry. 

• Are carpets more expensive than rugs?

Since rug and carpet pricing depends on several factors (e.g., size, material, fabric), there’s no telling which option is more expensive.

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Deciding between a carpet and a rug is challenging, with all factors considered. However, the trick is to consider costs, designs, maintenance, and the space you want to cover to determine which of the two matches your living area functionally and aesthetically.

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Gavin Ong is the current Marketing Manager for Eurobel Rugs + Carpets, the largest premium area rug brand in the Philippines. Eurobel’s sister company, Carpetworld, specializes in area rug distribution, which has over 50 consignment branches nationwide. He and the company also have great relations with multiple high-profile European manufacturers. Both brands', Carpetworld and Eurobel Rugs + Carpets, area rugs have also been used in multiple designer homes and commercial areas.

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